30 Bible Verses About Farming

Farming is a profession that requires patience, hard work, and faith. It’s no wonder that the Bible has much to say on the subject. The following Bible verses about farming highlight the spiritual and practical wisdom that can be gleaned from the practice of farming. See also: What Does The Bible Say About Fruits? The … Read more

God Is In Control Bible Verses

In the ups and downs of life, it’s comforting to know one thing – God is in control. The Bible teaches us this powerful truth. No matter what happens, God’s plans always come to pass. Nothing can stop His purposes. God’s will is always done, and there’s nothing too hard for Him. He’s the one … Read more

Bible Verses On Running The Race

The term “running the race” in the Bible often refers to the spiritual journey of a Christian life. The race is not about speed, but about endurance, resilience, and keeping the faith despite obstacles. The Apostle Paul, in his letters, often used the metaphor of a race to describe the Christian journey. This metaphor is … Read more

Revival In The Last Days

I will be sharing my thoughts with you on a topic of great significance – revival in the last days. As Christians, our spiritual journey is one of ceaseless growth and transformation. Our faith in Jesus Christ is not stagnant but is rather a vibrant, evolving relationship that deepens with time, experience, and knowledge. See … Read more

Bible Verses About Mission and Outreach

Mission and outreach play a significant role in the Christian faith. We, believers, are called to spread God’s love, grace, and salvation to others. Throughout the Bible, numerous verses highlight the importance of mission and outreach, providing guidance, encouragement, and inspiration for believers to engage in these endeavors. Let’s explore some of these key Bible … Read more

50 Bible Verses About Generosity

In this post, we will be sharing with you some important bible verses about generosity and what the bible says about being generous as a Christian. In many cultures and religions, generosity is highly valued and often associated with personal growth, happiness, and improved relationships. See also: Bible Verses About Tithes and Offering By practicing … Read more