20 Important Bible Verses About Abortion KJV

With the recent Roe v Wade decision overturned by the supreme court, abortion has become a hot-button topic in America. Pro-choice and pro-life advocates have been vocal in sharing their respective positions on abortion. The abortion debate is highly emotional and divisive. Many feel very strongly one way or another about abortion. Regarding the abortion … Read more

Bible Verses About Friendship

In this post, we will be sharing with you some bible verses about friendship, Christian friendship quotes and what does the word of God says about friendship. What steps do we need to take in choosing the right friends or people we relate with? How do we go about treating others? This and many more … Read more

Being Chosen By God

In the Bible, we often find verses that speak about being chosen by God. These verses give us insight into how God has called individuals and nations for specific purposes throughout history. Discover the significance of being chosen by God through powerful Bible verses, revealing how God’s calling and purpose intertwine with faith and obedience … Read more