30 Famous Prayers in the Bible

In this post, we will be sharing with you some famous prayers in the bible. We hope that through this, you will be encouraged to pray more often and with greater conviction.

Prayer is an important part of the Christian life. We see in the bible that prayer is a way for us to communicate with God. It is a way for us to express our thanksgiving, our praise, our requests, and our confession. When we pray, we are opening up our hearts to God and inviting Him into our lives.

If you have never prayed before, now is the time to start. Talk to God as you would talk to a friend. Tell Him what is on your heart and mind. Thank Him for His blessings in your life.

Ask for His help and guidance in your life. And most importantly, listen to what He has to say to you. You can find guidance and comfort in His word, the bible. So don’t hesitate to pick up a copy and start reading.

Famous Prayers In The Bible

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The bible is full of examples of prayers that were answered by God both in the old testament and in the new testament. Here are 20 of the most famous prayers found in the bible:

1. The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:9-13

This is perhaps the most famous prayer in the bible. In this prayer, Jesus teaches us how to pray and gives us an example of what our prayers should be like.

2. Abraham’s Prayer For Sodom – Genesis 18:23-33

In this prayer, Abraham pleads with God to spare the city of Sodom if there are righteous people living there.

3. Moses’ Prayer For Deliverance – Exodus 32:11-14

In this prayer, Moses pleads with God to forgive the Israelites for their sin and to deliver them from their enemies.

4. Hannah’s Prayer For A Son – 1 Samuel 1:1-20

In this prayer, Hannah pleads with God to give her a son. She promises to dedicate him to the Lord if He grants her request.

5. David’s Prayer For Forgiveness – Psalm 51:1-19

In this prayer, David pleads with God to forgive him for his sin and to cleanse him from all unrighteousness.

6. Solomon’s Prayer At The Dedication Of The Temple – 1 Kings 8:22-53

In this prayer, Solomon dedicates the temple to the Lord and asks for His blessing on the people of Israel.

7. Jonah’s Prayer From The Belly Of A Large Fish – Jonah 2:1-9

In this prayer, Jonah thanks God for delivering him from death and asks for forgiveness for his sin.

8. The Apostle Paul’s Prayer For The Ephesians – Ephesians 1:15-23

In this prayer, Paul prays for the believers in Ephesus that they would be filled with the knowledge of God’s will and that they would walk in His ways.

9. John’s Prayer For The Church – Revelation 1:9-20

In this prayer, John prays for the church that they would be faithful to God and remain true to His word.

10. Jesus’ Prayer In The Garden Of Gethsemane – Matthew 26:36-46

In this prayer, Jesus prays to His Father for strength in the face of His impending death. He also asks that the cup of suffering be taken from Him if it is His Father’s will.

11. Prayer Of Jabez’s For God’s Blessing – 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

In this prayer, Jabez asks for God’s blessing on his life, enlarge his territory and be protected from evil.

12. The Centurion’s Prayer For His Sick Servant – Matthew 8:5-13

In this prayer, the centurion asks Jesus to heal his sick servant. He acknowledges that Jesus has the power to do so and asks Him to have compassion on him.

13. The Canaanite Woman’s Prayer For Her Daughter – Matthew 15:21-28

In this prayer, the woman pleads with Jesus to heal her daughter who is possessed by a demon.

14. The Leper’s Prayer For Healing – Matthew 8:1-4

In this prayer, the leper asks Jesus to heal him from his disease. He falls down on his knees and begs Jesus to have pity on him.

15. The Blind Man’s Prayer For Sight – Mark 10:46-52

In this prayer, the man asks Jesus to heal him from his blindness. He begs Jesus to have mercy on him and to restore his sight.

16. The paralytic’s Prayer For Healing – Luke 5:17-26

In this prayer, the man asks Jesus to heal him from his paralysis. He pleads with Jesus to have compassion on him and to forgive his sins.

17. Hezekiah’s Prayer for deliverance – 2 Kings 19:15-19

In this prayer, Hezekiah pleads with God to deliver him from the Assyrians who are attacking his kingdom.

18. Nehemiah’s Prayer for restoration – Nehemiah 1:4-11

In this prayer, Nehemiah asks God to restore the people of Israel to their homeland and to rebuild the city of Jerusalem.

19. Esther’s Prayer for deliverance – Esther 4:1-17

In this prayer, Esther pleads with God to deliver her people from the plot of Haman to exterminate them.

20. Daniel’s Prayer for understanding – Daniel 9:1-19

In this prayer, Daniel asks God to give him understanding of the vision he has seen and to reveal the meaning of the prophecy to him.

21. A sinner’s prayer of repentance – Psalm 51:1-19

In this prayer, the psalmist asks for forgiveness and cleansing from all unrighteousness.

22. Habakkuk’s prayer of worship and rejoicing – Habakkuk 3:2-19

In this prayer, Habakkuk praises God for His power and majesty and rejoices in His goodness.

23. Lazarus’s sisters’ prayer for healing – John 11:1-44

In this prayer, Martha and Mary ask Jesus to heal their brother Lazarus from his sickness.

24. The disciples’ prayer for boldness – Acts 4:23-31

In this prayer, the disciples ask God to give them boldness to proclaim His name and to perform signs and wonders in His name.

25. King Solomon’s prayer for wisdom – 1 Kings 3:3-9

In this prayer, Solomon asks God to give him wisdom to rule His people.

26. Paul’s prayer for the church at Ephesus – Ephesians 3:14-21

In this prayer, Paul asks God to grant the believers in Ephesus spiritual wisdom and understanding.

27. Elijah’s prayer at Mount Carmel – 1 Kings 18:36-39

In this prayer, Elijah asks God to show Himself as the true God by sending fire from heaven to consume the sacrificial offering.

28. Hezekiah’s prayer for long life – Isaiah 38:2-5

In this prayer, Hezekiah pleads with God to heal him from his sickness and to extend his life.

29. The Thief on the Cross’ prayer for salvation – Luke 23:39-43

In this prayer, the thief asks Jesus to remember him when He comes into His kingdom.

30. Jesus’s Prayer for His disciples – John 17:6-19

In this prayer, Jesus asks the Father to protect His disciples from the evil one and to sanctify them in the truth.

Bible Verses About Praying
Bible Verses About Prayer

Short Prayer Quotes

  • The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective
  • Start your day with prayer and end your day with prayer
  • Bring your doubt, anger, fear, grief, confusion, and questions to God in prayer and He will handle them
  • If you only pray when you’re in trouble, you’re in trouble
  • Sometimes all you simply need to do is pray
  • Your prayer will move mountains in your life
  • Sometimes God answers prayers without you knowing it
  • Don’t forget to pray today, because God didn’t forget to wake you up this morning
  • When you can’t put your prayer into words, God hears your heart
  • I do believe in the power of prayer
  • When life is rough pray, when life is great pray
  • Someone else is praying for the things you take for granted
  • Prayer draws you nearer to God
  • Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God
  • Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when you listen to God
  • Prayer has no expiration date. You never know when, where, or how God will answer
  • Don’t stop praying. God hears you and He is working it out for your good
  • Prayer changes everything
  • Sometimes all it takes is just one prayer to change everything
  • Love the people who treat you right. Pray for those who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy
  • Prayer is the key to all the treasures of this life
  • Don’t think of the things you didn’t get after praying. Think of the countless blessings God gave you without asking

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Frequently Asked Questions in The Bible

What Does It Mean To Pray In The Spirit?

Praying in the Spirit is speaking in tongues which is described by man as the Heavenly language. Praying in Spirit is also praying the will of God.

Jude 1:20 – “But you, beloved, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 14:4 says “The one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself, but the one who prophesies builds up the church.

What Does It Mean To Pray Without Ceasing?

Paul commanded that we pray without ceasing in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Paul is teaching us here that we should never stop praying to God.

Philippians 4:6 reads “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Colossians 4:2 reads “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”

What Does It Mean To Pray In Jesus Name?

John 14:13-14 reads “You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!”

Also remember John 14:6 – “Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

We hope that you have been blessed by our collection of famous prayers in the Bible. Don’t forget to also checkout our blog section for more frequently asked bible questions and quizzes.

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